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About Ale


@ Florencio




Sex education

Movement research

Somatic techniques




Ale was born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nowadays he holds practices in Buenos Aires and Berlin.


Over the last couple of decades, he dedicated himself to dance and choreographing. His main interest was the educational aspect of dance and he has dedicated a great part of his time to research learning processes in dance and to give classes on improvisation and movement.

Later on, he went deeper into the somatic realm. He practiced regularly for many years the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique and differents embodied sex studies.

Today he offers individual sessions and workshops of Somatic Sex Education and contemporary rituals in different towns. 

He has co-founded the Berlin-based Playground Project in which they organize sex-positive events.


Today Ale is interested in investigating the construction of identity and pleasure through the consciousness of the bodies; he believes that they can be the basis for creative, learning and life processes.

Relevant studies

Certified in Sexological Bodywork

Certified in Introduction to Embodied Counceling

Master of Arts in Solo/Dance/Authorship

Graduated in Body Expression Dance

Feldenkrais Method Student

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Student



Netzwerk Sexological

Bodywork Berlin




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Marina Quesada
Artist, Teacher, Cultural Management

Ale from @ sexualidadesysomáticas, an accomplice company that poses gentle challenges tailored to personal interest, provokes deep relationships about the connection with pleasure, pain, desire, the possibility of requesting and giving. In short, it stimulates the body as an archive and an infinite meeting space.

The Sexological Bodywork sessions were an inward expansive wave that brought serenity and kindness to myself and others. In the beginning, my concern had to do with a search process for an artistic creation project. In the course of the meetings, I came across tools that raised awareness in my daily life and made me change. The concepts about practicing assiduously made me find conclusive revelations related to breathing, one's own touch and pleasure, which, based on Ale's approach, does not only imply enjoying, but also investigating the complex relationship that it unfolds. On the other hand, Ale's presence, with her look and her respectful and acute accompaniment, knowing that there was a witness, an accomplice, and a loving guide in this process of somatic self-investigation, was very powerful. This role was a novel experience for me. That edge caused hidden knowledge to be revealed in the body from the consciousness of someone who is there, accompanying in a committed way, supporting the deep process of search and transformation in intimate matters and, in principle, of each one for herself. I recommend individual sessions and group workshops that can take the form of personal research that each one needs and that, in addition, I think can dialogue with a lot of other disciplines and interests.


Gili Gilganit

Tantra Masseur

I felt from Ale much presence, attention, and healing intentions. He listens carefully to my needs and intentions in every session and offers suggestions easily, intuitively and creatively. He's also very flexible and happy to adapt to my own suggestions and proposals, while clearly still holding the space.
I feel safe, seen, considered and understood.
Than you! 🙏


Akwasi Asabere Hypnotist

His warm and friendly personality really helped me to open up, and through his presence I felt safe and taken care of, all of the time. The work gave me a lot of positive impulses and a deeper understanding of myself and my body. Before my first session, I was hesitant, as I didn't really know what to expect, but now I'm glad I went and will definetly continue with this marvelous work.


I feel very grateful for the whole process I have gone through with Alejandro. It’s easier for me now to be aware of different sensations in my body and to name them. I have also found more acceptance. I feel empowered by the experience and more confident.

I’m very impressed by how receptive Alejandro is to how I’m reacting to his touch and also to what I’m telling him before or after a session. I have always felt very supported and completely safe.

It has felt easy and natural to open up to Alejandro and even though this work also has been challenging for me I have also laughed a lot. It’s just easy to relax with him.

Alejandro has always known how much to push me in order to have a learning experience and I have always felt that whatever happens it’s completely fine. Alejandro has done everything with a lot of gentleness and sensitivity.

It’s been a very beautiful experience.


Alena Harasundari

I really liked the way Ale works. First of all, I felt very safe and accepted with lots of my questions and worries about my s:xual life. It was easy to open myself and get connected with my feelings and emotions. I went through some of my unconsious patterns of behaviour and learn with him how I could change it to keep my heart open, to express my needs, to ask and to get. It was a deep healing and learning process for me. After these sessions I start feeling more courages with men, I can express my sensuality more open and feel safe. And I know better what I really need. It was plesant and useful and I would like to continue. Thank you Ale 💓


David Bjerg Townsend.


I can heartily recommend attendance at a workshop facilitated by Ayo Gry and Ale Karasik I attended Sensing Winter.

Ayo and Ale created a safe but stimulating space for us to experience touch and sensuality. I had an awakening to the possibilities that touch could be enjoyed and reciprocated because my new physicality was emerging. My goal of going to the seminar was to experience intimacy and come deeper into my body. This goal was exceeded and I thank the facilitators and other attendees for helping me.

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