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Somatic Movement

Alignment, relation to gravity and sensory-motor skills for highly demanding activities

When we move our body, we love to challenge ourselves and in doing so we can create movements that are outside of our basic tool-box. This modality celebrates this mix of skills and creativity and aims to refine and redefine movements in a safe and healthy way for the body.


Somatic Ballet

Somatic Ballet is an integrated and inhabited approach to dance. Our intention is for you to develop skills in the language of classical dance while taking care of your physical health. For this, we create awareness on a specific trajectory in the body which generates a more complete map of possibilities for action.

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Somatic Acrobatics

Acrobatics challenge our body in unusual positions in relation to gravity. Here we learn how we can make better use of our body and achieve fluidity and graceful positions that eliminate unnecessary effort and pain. 

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