Best of 2019 #4: Three Circles Ritual in the Stretch Festival with Gerard X Reyes

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Berlin, Germany

We throw our bodies into an upbeat ritual of self love and sexy movements. Lots of breath, shaking, and vivid experiences aorund touch and erotism

I saw it like a weekend to join in communion with the large spectrum of people that choose to live their lives as men. I have joint with the intention of learning more about myself merged in this constellation, get inspired to search at the edges of my gender definitions and to deep into sensitivity and openness.

And I also teached...

Gerard X Reyes and me we have facilitatrd a Sexological Bodywork modality of Orgasmic Yoga called Three Circle Ritual class last day closing the event.

My intention for the class was to support peoples choices exploring ways of self-pleasuring and arousal... and giving a safer place for finding an own space inside the collective experience.

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