Best of 2019 #5: Orgasmic Yoga with Ugo Rex and Ayo Gry at Schalet

Berlin, Germany

We had 8 beautiful encounters in which people was able to try out in a group what is suposed to be private. Participants expressed they have had unique experiences and taken owns positive learnings out of it.



Orgαsmic Yoga (OY) is an embodied and collective somatic learning activity of self-touch and dancing. It's not yoga and it's not about orgαsms. The objective is to stretch your capacity for pleasure (‘orgαsmicity’) by shedding shame and insecurities, and focus on bodily expression rather than performance.

The beauty about OY is that over time we can enjoy our bodies as they are, as a source of wisdom and all spectrum of feelings.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from an OY session:

🌏 we gather in a circle but have our individual space (towel and/or mat)

🍃 there is an optional middle space for further dancing/moving

🔥 the duration is 35 to 45 minutes

🍋 we begin with a short exercise to learn techniques relating to breath, movement or somatic awareness (15 minutes)

🌻 everyone navigates their pleasure in their own time and as they desire

💫 you can follow the music, your impulses or create your own score

🌊 you can also follow the proposed score for that day

💚 nakedness is welcome but not mandatory

⭐ no physical contact or lingering eye contact is not invited

🔫 all toys and props are welcome (noisy ones allowed for short periods)

🎻 The hosts will be DJing the session and holding space for the group (ie. making sure the guidelines are respected)

🦄OY is an activity inclusive of all genders, sεxual orientations, abilities and ages (18+)🦄

🛁 HOW TO GET PREPARED Everyone must bring their own bed sheet (mandatory). If you think you might get sweaty or really wet bring a towel. Basic hygienic and pleasure products will be available, if you have any favorite product you are invited to bring your own. Mat, mattresses, cushions and blankets will be provided by the organization according to availability.

Also bring a notebook to take personal notes.

🖐 Additionally, every other Wednesday, there will be an optional SENSE TOUCH guided class. In ST class I will share notions for embodied touch from different somatic sources and dance, to learn how to touch and feel awareness of ourselves. It will be an invitation to start the day more relaxed and in connection with our bodies.

🍋 Dates

October 16th: OY. Hosted by Alejandro Karasik

October 23rd: OY and ST co-hosted Ayo Gry & Alejandro Karasik

⛄ About Ales relationship with OY

“I was introduced to OY as part of my Sεxological Bodywork certified training. When I started practicing OY regularly I began to notice my habits and discovered new ways of enjoying my body. Much of this included dedicating time to being with myself, placing attention on different parts of my body, and consciously choosing the type of breath and dynamics I wanted to use. Afterwards I felt more relaxed, connected, cheerful and focused in everything I do. Practicing OY in a group added to this by helping me heal from body shame especially around my sεxuality. It made me feel accompanied and normal in my own expression”

🐉 Orgαsmic Yoga is a term coined and a practice developed by Joseph Kramer Ph.D. with input from Sεxological Bodyworkers. Other sources: Martha Tara Lee book “Orgαsmic Yoga: Mαsturbation, meditation and everything in between"

Monetary support: OY Is an activity thought to be collectively self-sustainable. In order to achieve that we ask for the following contributions

🐣 Orgαsmic Yoga: Sliding scale 5-15 euros

🐦 Sense Touch: Sliding Scale 7-17 euros

👾 Please arrive on time. Doors will open at 9:50 and close at 10:05 AM. Once the door is closed, no latecomers will be allowed in. This is out of respect for the practice and the group.

🤷‍♀ Last but not least, thanks for approaching Group OY and taking a step on this journey towards pleasure and empowerment.


💆‍♂ Ale is available for individual and couple Sεxological Bodywork (SB) sessions and group workshops. For more info on SB sessions and to book an appointment with Ale please write:

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