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Feldenkrais Method

Come, move, feel, learn and transform your experience of being you

The Feldenkrais Method™ belongs to the Somatics field, and more specifically to the Somatic Education field.  Soma means “the living body as experienced from within”.

Although it can be particularly relevant for the work of dancers and movers, the FM’s Awareness Through Movement group lessons are meant for anyone who wants to improve the quality of a particular aspect of his or her life through this particular pedagogy.


You will be invited to work from the awareness of movement through continuous, smooth and effortless movements. Rest is also an important part of this journey. Thus, your nervous system will be able to integrate the acquired knowledge more effectively and lastingly.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Method classes are one hour long. We work on a comfortable surface on the floor, inviting relaxation in to the body and then test the effects of the lesson by standing and walking. In this modality you work individually and without contact with others. These sessions do not require prior knowledge.

felden bending side feet_edited.jpg

Somatic Ballet


Somatic Ballet

Somatic Ballet is an integrated and inhabited approach to dance. Our intention is for you to develop skills in the language of classical dance while taking care of your physical health. For this, we create awareness on a specific trajectory in the body which generates a more complete map of possibilities for action.

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