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photo: Florencia Labat. Model: Ángeles Piqué


Which are the most frequent requests for a sexological bodywork session?

Do you want to relax and enjoy more pleasure?

Do you want to learn more about your genitals?

Do you feel ashamed of yourself and want to improve your self-esteem?

Do you and your partner want to feel more attuned?

If you feel addressed by some of these questions or you have others related to sexuality, you are invited to learn what sexological bodywork can do to support you.

What does sexological bodywork work with?

What does sexological bodywork work with?

photo: unsplash archive

If you feel ready to start a journey towards feeling deeper, more profound pleasurable sensations in your self and release shame while overcoming old and useless structures, Sexological Bodywork has the tool to teach you how to navigate your own experience while feeling completely supported.

What is Sexological Bodywork?

But... Zexolodywhat?

Sexological bodyworkers are Somatic Sex Educators.

Somatics works through the body, engaging you through your thinking, emotions, commitments, vision, and action. It helps you to develop depth and the capacity to feel yourself, others, and the life around you.

​Sexological Bodywork combines modern knowledge in the field of somatics, sexology, neurosciences, with various methods of bodywork and body practices. In this form, it is definitely something unique - a revolution among the huge spectrum of modalities that live between somatic education and sex therapy.


Sexological Bodyworkers touch in ways that assist in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness and learning how the body can feel more alive.

In comparison with sex coaches and sexologists, Sexological Bodywork may also include full body or genital massage.

Sexological Bodyworkers support you in reexamining habits, beliefs, and experiences, which might have been relevant in the past to overcome traumatic circumstances, but are no longer useful for your current present. Hence, Sexological Bodywork can support you in establishing what works better for you today, and to let go of what doesn’t.

Sexological Bodywork can help you to realize what your body is capable of.

The session is a safe place to talk about what you want and how, and to learn simple, effective body-based practices that will install a lasting change in your body.

Among others, Sexological Bodywork can improve your set of communicational skills to establish your needs and limits with others.

Sexological bodywork is focused on the sensational aspects of erotism, pleasure and touch, as opposed to the psychological aspects. If you are someone who feels very reliant on fantasy or external images for pleasure, this method can help you to expand your sexual arousal by leading the attention back to the sensations in your body or your partner.

In a sexological bodywork session, we listen to our carnal subjectivity, which translates into having an embodied experience of presence. This is the opposite, in every sense, to a subject-object dualism approach in which we see the body as a "machine" that we can repair to make it work efficiently or like an "other" that can be "governed" from the mind.

Because of the deep level of self-awareness of the body, regulation of the nervous system, and connection to your genitals, a Sexological Bodywork session has the potential to help you to solve through embodied re-education anorgasmia, delayed orgasm, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids, pelvic floor pain. It can also help you to relieve pain or reduce restrictions from scar tissue (results from childbirth, infections or surgery). Although Sexological Bodywork doesn't claim to be a healing practice, it can constitute an embodied complement to medical or psychological therapy.

Personal adaptation from different sources such as Caffyn Jesse, Deej Juventin, Celeste Hirschman, Barnaby B. Barrat

Why is it safe?

Sexological Bodywork: How is it Safe?



practitioner stays fully clothed

Gloves for genital & anal touch


no romance or sex practitioner-client

one-way touch

Safe Elements

- Quality Lubricants -

- Organic Massage Oils -

- Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves -

- Disinfection of Utensils & Surfaces -

- Hand Sanitazers -

- On cases, breathing mask -


I follow the Code of Ethics of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA)

How does a sexological bodywork session look like?

How does a sexological bodywork session look like?

We welcome and support you arriving into your body


We find out  what you are interested in focusing on

We create an intention and an educational agreement for the session

Usually the session contemplates three aspects.

An embodiment practice

A consciousness practice

Installation time


Photo: Florencia Labat. Model: Ángeles Piqué

We make a debrief of the experience and we talk about how to go on in the next or homework

A client-led session normally lasts between 1:30 and two and 2:30 and includes a counseling discussion and bodywork.

It is advisable to work with a Sexological Bodywork practitioner for a certain period, that emerges from the kind of process you are looking for.

As a bodyworker focus on learning, I may or may not offer hands-on bodywork in a first session. That will depend on your needs and current processes.

What is Somatic Learning?

What is Somatic Learning?

Working on the Resilient Edge of Resistance

What is the Resilient Edge of Resistance?

Embodied learning happens when we are having experiences at The Resilient Edge of Resistance*.

The resilient edge of resistance, in the realm of our nervous system, translates into sufficiently interesting to take a risk and keep trying, while at the same time, sufficiently safe not to feel overwhelmed and pull back.

If in the context of a session, you find yourself at the resilient edge of resistance, then

  • you can grow, thrive, and find pleasure.

  • you learn optimally.

  • you feel safe enough to surrender and let go.

  • your nervous system remains curious, responsive and attentive.

  • you are able to go much deeper into body-based-learning

  • you can move your limits forward.

  • you can always slow down or go back into more safety.


This wouldn't happen either if we remain in a comfort zone or we pushed far past our edge. It is good to remember that we need a certain amount of risk for making a step forward; however, without the support and the possible reversibility (resilience), the risk becomes reckless.

It is also important to acknowledge that by working on these edges, strong emotions and experiences held in the body can arrive at the surface.

If those feelings arise, we can create a neutral and non-judgemental space around these experiences and invite what is alive about these feelings and find a safe way to live them.

In the realm of touching, The Resilient Edge of Resistance is the space in which the touching pressure is sufficiently firm to feel a presence and influence in the tonus and sufficiently soft not to feel any pain or soreness

*Barbara Carrellas, in her famous  Urban Tantra book, revisited the concept of Resilient Edge of Resistance coined by anal massagist Chester Mainard. They refer to it as the point in which touch is "just fine".

Sexological Bodywork Testimonials


History of Sexological Bodywork
joseph kramer.jfif

Chris Duffey

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. was the founder of this cutting edge discipline. In 1984, he founded the Body Electric School in Oakland, California, where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators. In these classes, people learned how to rewire their sexual responses to achieve a more pleasurable erotic life. In its origins, it was founded out of Taoist traditions and as a way to help HIV-positive men experience safe touch and healing in the wake of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Joseph founded the new legal profession of Sexological Bodywork™ in 2003. In order to be approved by the California State Board of Education as an educational modality, certain boundaries and safety precautions were added. The current boundaries of the method include the educator staying clothed throughout the session, one-way touch from educator to the student, and the use of gloves during the sexological bodywork session. Sexological bodyworkers generally refer to themselves as somatic sex educators or bodyworkers, as opposed to sex or intimacy coaches.


The professional training is now being offered in California, Europe, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

What is the legal frame of Sexological Bodywor?

Where can I take Sexological Bodywork sessions in Berlin?

Where can I take Sexological Bodywork sessions in Berlin?

There are plenty of certified sexological bodyworkers based in Berlin.  If you are looking for one in your area, you will probably find one. My practice is located in the north part of the city close to Pankstr., NauenerPlatz and Wedding U-Bahn stations.

Where can I take Sexological Bodywork sessions in Buenos Aires?

Where can I take Sexological Bodywork sessions in Buenos Aires?

As far as my knowledge goes, I am the only Certified Sexological Bodyworker located partially in Buenos Aires. You can find my practice in Barrancas de Belgrano and soon in Villa Crespo

Where can I take Sexological Bodywork sessions in Buenos Aires?

As far as my knowledge goes, I am the only Certified Sexological Bodyworker located partially in Buenos Aires. You can find my practice in Barrancas de Belgrano and soon in Villa Crespo

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