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A space for the deepening of feeling, movement and sexuality

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The Feldenkrais Method uses enhancement of one's awareness to promote more graceful motions, utilizing the nervous system's own ability to improve movement, while reducing pain and the habits that cause it.

This school of Somatic Sex Education is about learning how to expand your pleasure potential and awareness that can assist with sexual challenges and inquiries. This work is about allowing the expression of mind, body, and spirit.


Movement classes are an opportunity to develop complex and demanding skills from a somatic perspective, making them easier and safer.

Knowledge can be an exquisite complement to somatic awareness. I invite you to expand your mind with texts written by different experts selected for you. 

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The Sexuality&Somatics studio is the first educational space dedicated to Somatic Sexology in Argentina, pioneering also in the combination with movement research.
You are welcome to  my studio in the City of Buenos Aires in a classic syle building in the picturesque neighbour of Villa Crespo. I also offer counsel and sessions on zoom.

I  always love looking for new opportunities to support people in their own way; therefore, I invite you to a free virtual meeting via zoom, where you can bring your questions and concerns and see how I can be of help.

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